Squarespace 6 Fact Sheet [Infographic]

Big Picture Web has been built on Squarespace for over three years, and we've put together this handy Squarespace 6 Fact Sheet to help you learn the facts about the web publishing platform. Thousands of websites are built on Squarespace. Check out these facts to learn why:

Squarespace 6 infographic

Squarespace Competitors

As of March, 2013, Squarespace is rumored to have over 100,000 paying customers. Squarespace doesn't have a free version of the product, so it makes sense that they have a smaller, yet growing fan base than some of the other platforms out there. Wordpress is rumored to have over 62 million installs while Tumblr reports 96 million blogs, but these aren't quite direct Squarespace competitors. Squarespace dominates similar content management systems (CMS).

Squarespace Fun Facts

Some of the most compelling reasons to make your website a Squarespace website include:

  • Squarespace recently released their new e-commerce platform. Squarespace Commerce comes with everything you'd expect to sell physical or digital goods online. 
  • Need reliable hosting? Squarespace provides rock-solid hosting, content management tools, and even domain registration for annual accounts. Even Hurricane Sandy couldn't bring a Squarespace website down.
  • Squarespace comes with a bunch of built-in design features that make your website look great. Whether you want to design your site using only the drag-and-drop controls, or if you are a CSS pro, Squarespace has your design needs covered.
  • Analytics are an important part of any website's performance. Squarespace boasts its own robust onboard analytics, and it even integrates with other web analytics platforms such as Google Analytics.
  • Squarepace integrates with all of the important social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and more. Post status updates automatically, publish galleries to your Facebook page, and even integrate Google+ authorship.
  • Search engine optimization is a lot easier with Squarespace's baked-in SEO support. URL canonicalization, title tag customization, and even on-board Google+ authorship support demonstrate the in-depth level of care Squarespace builds into every page of your website.

Have you given Squarespace a try? Start by checking out their broad selection of website templates (which happen to be fully responsive, and mobile-friendly). Chances are you'll end up wanting to start your two-week trial before too long. After that, soon you'll likely be a customer. In that case, come on back for more Squarespace 6 facts and tips.