Installing Google Analytics on Squarespace 6

Google Analytics and SquarespactEveryone knows the onboard website analytics on Squarespace is a handy way to access website traffic information, but a more advanced tool such as Google Analytics is required if you truly want to track how your site is performing. Installing Google Analytics has always been a relatively simple process, but Squarespace 6 now makes it even easier. Check out this simple copy-and-paste process to install Google Analytics on Squarespace 6.

Simple Google Analytics Installation on Squarespace 6

Squarespace has made it dead-simple to install GA. All you have to do simply paste your Google Analytics Account Number in the General Settings section of the Squarespace 6 administrative menu. That's all there is to it really.

installing Google Analytics on Squarespace

Locating Your Google Analytics Account Number

Not sure how to find your Google Analytics Account Number for use with your Squarespace 6 account? Log in to Google Analytics and access your Admin screen.

GA Admin screen

Next, click on your Tracking Code tab. Your Google Analytics Account Number is the same thing as your Property ID and your Tracking ID. Copy it from here and paste it into your Squarespace admin controls to complete the Google Analytics install process on Squarespace 6.

Google Analytics tracking code

If you know how to use Google Analytics, you unlock a world of more robust website tracking. Understanding when people use your contact form, sign up for your newsletter, and click on your links means knowing where you can focus your online marketing efforts, thereby making you much more effective.

What do you use to track the performance of your website? Are you using Google Analytics currently on Squarespace 5? What do you think of the new process?