Calling all Squarespace Designers

Do you know any excellent Squarespace designers? Perhaps you yourself design websites on the Squarespace web publishing platform. If so, then today's the day to share your gift with the fine people of the Internet. Today I invite you to join our upcoming Squarespace Designers Directory and help Big Picture Web let the world know how to benefit from your mad Squarespace design skills.

By trade and passion, I'm more of a search engine marketer and web analytics geek than I am a designer. Sure, I can build a Squarespace website and share information on usability and web design books and resources, but to really make a website sparkle is another skill set altogether. Candidly, it's one I'm not sure I have.

I have an undying respect for great web design. In fact, web designers, especially the really great ones, mystify me. That's why I wanted to put together the Squarespace Designers Directory. I figured, if you can't beat them, create a means to highlight them! Adding a catalog of Squarespace design experts to Big Picture Web's ever-growing collection of Squarespace marketing tips and resources is the most meaningful way I can think to help out Squarespacers in a design capacity.

Join the Squarespace Designers Directory

If you'd like to be a part of Big Picture Web's Squarespace Designers Directory, there's just a few easy steps to complete:

  • Fill out the official application form here
  • Share this blog post with your fans and followers on social networks. Ask them to leave their support for you and tell us why you should be included in the directory in the the comments area below.
  • For extra special consideration, write a blog post on your blog explaining why you should be in the directory. Include the Big Picture Web logo and a link to this blog post:

In a few weeks, I'll roll out the Squarespace Designers Directory featuring your work and contact information, which will be front-and-center for all of the thousands of monthly Big Picture Web visitors to see. And once live, I'll continue taking new applicants and adding new designers to the directory as time goes on to ensure that it builds value for the Squarespace community over time.

If you're a brilliant Squarespace website designer, here's your chance at a little free press. That's right. At least for now, listings for Squarespace designers will be free. If you or someone you know designs Squarespace websites, now is the time to act.

Join Big Picture Web in building a helpful directory for the Squarespace community that will feature the skills and contact information of the best and brightest Squarespace designers.