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You're looking for the perfect designer for your Squarespace website, aren't you? Luckily, there's the Big Picture Web Squarespace Designers Directory. I've collected some of the finest designer/developers the Squarespace web design platform has ever seen and organized them here conveniently for you.

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Alan Houser - Creative Component

About Alan Houser : I've been designing websites professionally since 2000. After more than a decade of design & development experience, Squarespace has become my #1 platform of choice. In April 0f 2010, I created a Squarespace design storefront called Squareflair and officially swore-off every other CMS by focusing all of my freelance efforts on Squarespace Design. It was a great move professionally, as now I work with incredible clients from all over the world!

Company: Creative Component

Website: Squareflair.com

Squarespace Websites Designed by Alan:

Shane Boyce - Boyce Design

About Shane: I'm a freelancer from Dallas, TX and Squarespace is my Primary development platform. I like to provide clients with a fully functional website that's easy to use and has exceptional design.

Company: Boyce Design

Website: GetBoyce.com

Squarespace Websites Designed by Shane:

Josh Neimark - fix8 media

About Josh:  fix8 media is a creative agency focused on handcrafting beautiful and highly effective digital solutions. Hailing from Flagler Beach, Florida, Josh Neimark believes that his clients should be empowered, and Squarespace provides the tools to do just that. 

Company: fix8 media

Website: fix8media.com

Squarespace Websites designed by Josh:

David DiFranco - DiFranco Media

About David: I specialize in graphic design, web design and social media related services. Squarespace is my preferred design platform, and for good reason. Offering a wide variety of creative services, I am always open to new gigs. My primary clients are small, budget-conscious businesses, bloggers and those looking for simple yet effective designs.

Company: Di Franco Media

Website: http://www.daviddifran.co/portfolio/web-design

Squarespace Websites Designed by David:

Peter Slapnicher - Local Pigeon

About Peter: I like to help individuals, families and businesses discover their online voice. I design in Squarespace and partner with a variety of professionals that specialize in writing, photography, audio and video production.

Company: Local Pigeon

Website: localpigeon.com/

Squarespace Websites Designed by Peter:

Stuart Hobday

About Stuart: UK based freelance designer that has worked with the likes of Inventory Magazine, Another Company and Six on a number of projects. Featured member of Squarespace with an in-depth knowledge of the platform. My CMS choice for many projects, I have worked with clients all over the world in designing and developing clean, grid-based websites that have been featured on many design showcase sites. Extensive knowledge of HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax and PHP.

Company: Stuart Hobday

Website: StuartHobday.com

Squarespace Websites designed by Stuart:

Shalimar Luis - Shalimar Luis Designs

About Shalimar: I am a graphic designer based out of West New York, NJ. My professional experience ranges from editorial design to advertising, both print and digital. I have worked for companies such as Showman Fabricators, The Vidal Partnership and am most recently employed at Quidsi, Inc. as the designer for Soap.com.

Company: Shalimar Luis Designs

Website: ShalimarLuis.net

Squarespace Websites Designed by Shalimar:

Chris Brampton - isoblue

About isoblue: We are a UK based web design / digital marketing company. We are Squarespace evangelists. We promote Squarespace to our customers because of its excellent ease of use CMS and features. We provide various services to design, build, maintain and market your Squarespace site. It's so good we use it for our own site!

Company: isoblue

Website: isoblue.com

Tony Ham - tonyhamCREATIVE

About Tony: I've been working as a designer for over 14 years. I actually began using PageMaker and Photoshop way back in high school to layout the school newspaper and literary magazine.  The transition to designing for the Web was inevitable and has been an increasing portion of the work I do. I love the look of a beautiful, smartly-designed site and I embrace the challenge of building one. More and more, the Web is not just a place to view pages, it's a place to interact and engage with those whose interests align with yours.

Company: tonyhamCREATIVE

Website: tonyhamCREATIVE.com

Squarespace Websites Designed by Tony:

Kevin Cummins - techzoo

About Kevin: I run a website design company for small business, schools and pro bloggers located in Australia. I can use traditional html and flash to create.

Company: techzoo

Website: techzoo.com.au

Squarespace Websites Designed by Kevin:

Simon Lunt - Luntdesign

About Simon:  I am a freelance designer based in London. Having worked for all the major advertising agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, Mother, Publicis and Mcann Erickson I have gained 20 years worth of experience and a number of awards along the way. This includes logos for Playboy and Tescos and full brand guidelines for major UK companies including Scottish Widows and Churchill. I have been using Squarespace for around 2 years now am approaching 30 sites for happy clients. My site is also featured on the Squarespace examples page.

Company: Luntdesign

Website: Luntdesign.co.uk

Squarespace Websites Designed by Simon:


About rno1: We're rno1. A global brand + digital agency - located between San Francisco, Seattle, Australia. We help you connect + captivate, online + offline, fueling your brand's growth. Providing complete branding solutions (from logo design, to responsive websites - and everything in between), for startups and larger companies worldwide.

Since the beginning, we've recommended the Squarespace Platform to our Clients for ease of use, minimalism in design, and agility as a growing business. From Squarespace 5 - Squarespace 6, we leverage the platform in achieving breakthrough results for our Clients, each and every day. Will your brand be next? Let's connect!

Company: rno1, LLC

Website: rno1.com/

Squarespace Websites Designed by rno1:

Dustin Leer - Wildcanon

About Dustin: Wildcanon is a graphic design shoppe ran by Dustin Leer. Design & Squarespace is what we do. At Wildcanon, we believe great design is equal parts vision and function. Form and function are big in all design. Great designs not only catch your eye, but they connect with you deeply engaging both the mind and the eye. We are dreamers who love to partner with passionate clients to construct captivating brands that run wild with inspiration.

Company: Wildcanon

Website: Wildcanon.com/

Squarespace Websites Designed by Dustin:

Matt Gavenda - Ambit Design

About Matt: I went to Buffalo State College for Visual Communications. I've been a freelance web design for about 9 years and I've been a lover of great design since I can remember. I'm a huge fan of what Squarespace is doing in the design world with their minimalist and mobile friendly designs. If you're in need of help with your site whether a custom site, help with a template or just help with adjustments to your site. Don't hesitate to contact us via email or give us a phone call. We'd love to help. 

Company: Ambit Design

Website: AmbitDesign.com

Squarespace Websites Designed by Ambit:

Michele Baer - Cloudyreason, Inc.

About Michele: We've been building websites since 1995. We've built sites for federal and local governments, small and large companies and individual entrepreneurs. Please check out our testimonials, you'll see we're super friendly, fast and well organized, and most important easy to work with.

Company: Cloudyreason, Inc.

Website: Cloudyreason.com

Squarespace Websites Designed by Cloudyreason:

Nina Bromley - bite47

About bite47: We are a fast growing web and graphic design company based in Switzerland, who does exclusively design & code for the Squarespace platform. Since starting in 2010, we have created many websites and happy customers. 

Company: bite47

Website: bite47.com

Squarespace Websites Designed by bite47:

Giona Ferrandu

About Giona: I am a passionate programmer from over 10 years, since the first version of HTML. I know the following languages and their evolutions: PHP, SQL, CSS, HTML(5) and XHTML, Javascript and jQuery. I realize content management systems (CMS) customized to the needs of each project. I've experience in building business websites, personal, social projects, CRM, B2B platforms.

Squarespace Websites Designed by Giona:

Trevor Delaney - Hop Creative

About Trevor: Hop Creative is a tiny Web Design house based out of Halifax, Canada specializing in the Squarespace platform. We have over 12 years of design experience under our belt and we take great pride in meeting our client's needs. If you're looking to get some top notch design without breaking the bank, you have come to the right place. We do great work!

Company: Hop Creative

Website: http://hopcreative.com/

Squarespace Websites Designed by Hop Creative:

Damion McNaught - LlamaBlue

About Damion: We've been working with Squarespace for our customers since 2009. We have more than 50 customer sites running on Squarespace and have many different applications linked to their sites.

Company: LlamaBlue

Website: http://www.llamablue.com/

Squarespace Websites Designed by Damion:

Sue Wallis Williams - Wallis Williams Design Studio

About Sue: I create, brand, develop Squarespace websites, and design matching print collateral / social media.

Company: Wallis Williams Design Studio

Website: http://www.walliswilliams.com/#all

Squarespace Websites Designed by Sue:

Dana Asper - VUELA Design Studio

About Dana: Vuela Design Studio specializes in custom Squarespace design, development and consulting services. With many years of experience working with Squarespace, we know the ins and outs of how to make the most of this CMS. We provide unique custom designs and develop websites that are easy to use. Please review our portfolio of Squarespace work to see if we are the right fit for your project!

Company: VUELA Design Studio

Website: http://www.vueladesign.com/

Squarespace Websites Built by Dana: