Internet Meetups for Minneapolis, St. Paul and Beyond

Minneapolis and St. Paul MeetupIf you're like most people, you're hearing more about Internet marketing and social media every day. Heck, you're probably researching something right now to improve the way you do business on the Internet. Did you know there are people in your city that are willing and excited to talk to you in person about your goals and ideas? It's true. Some really smart folks ranging from enthusiasts to real live experts meet regularly to discuss all types of ideas about how to fully embrace the web and succeed online. In fact, Minneapolis/St. Paul boasts a handful of social media and Internet marketing events each month. Whether you call them a group, a meetup, or even a tweetup, today we'll look at the Big Picture of Internet marketing events in the Twin Cities. (Don't worry if you're not from the area... there's something for everyone. Read on.)

Learn About Minneapolis/St. Paul Meetups

There are many reasons to join folks (like me) at these meetups. These are some of the more compelling ones.

  • Meetups are Accessible. You don't need a certification or an exclusive membership and the price is usually nominal if not free. All one needs is a passion to succeed online, really.
  • Meetups are Useful. You meet some really fun and interesting people that know a lot about doing business online. From Minneapolis/St. Paul small business owners/podcasters like @IDS07 to Internet marketers from big agencies like @kareemy, Tweetups and meetups are teeming with Twin Cities Internet talent. Bring your questions and your ideas.
  • Meetups are Fun.  Check out great specials at some of the Twin Cities' best places to meet up. Enjoy a long breakfast once a month with new friends. Even take in a Saints game. You'll find yourself making more and more room on your calendar for these Minneapolis and St. Paul meetups and tweetups.

Join the Twin Cities Meetup Community

At this point, you're no doubt excited to start making new friends and bringing your business to the next level. Tell me where to go, you say. I'm going to have to be honest here, friends. I'm new to the Twin Cities tweetup scene myself, but I have done some research and have even been to a few. This is what I know so far.

  • MSP Tweetup.  With events ranging from happy hours to Saints games and venues ranging from Minneapolis to St. Paul, MSPTweetup is a great Internet marketing and social media tweetup. It's true what they say: you always remember your first meetup.
  • Social Media Breakfast - Twin Cities.  Just one search for the #smbmsp hashtag in Twitter to realize that the Twin Cities Social Media Breakfast meetup is one of the most happening social media events in all of Minneapolis/St. Paul, boasting an active community. Fill up on Internet marketing knowledge and breakfast at this popular event.
  •  You can use whether you're in Minneapolis/St. Paul or not. Search by keyword within for your city to find any number of meetups about Internet marketing or any other topic for that matter. A quick search in the Twin Cities and some initial vetting turned up Minnesota Online Marketing Mastermind, Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Authority and The Biz Blogger Meetup Group.

Now that you've read about meetups in the Twin Cities and the very best tweetup in all of Minneapolis and St. Paul, won't you come join us? What will you add/take away from this new conversation? For those out of the area, what meetups are big in your neck of the woods?