The Top 8 Best Free Audio Podcast Downloads on the Web

Top Best Free Audio DownloadsHave you wanted to start learning more about Internet marketing but just haven't found the time? If you have a commute, household chores or any other time sink during which you could be learning, podcasts might be the answer for you. Podcasts are free audio downloads. They span many topics but there some especially wonderful Internet marketing podcasts out there. And today, Big Picture Web brings you our Top 8 Best Free Audio Podcast Downloads on the Web.

Free Podcast Downloads Could Save Your Company

Internet marketing is becoming more and more important each day to how our businesses grow and run. In fact, presented data from a Forrester Research study predicting that Internet marketing will grow annually by 17% until 2014, from 12% to 21% of total spending. With so many companies shifting their eggs into this basic, education is the key to the future for many. Podcasts are a great way to learn and can be accessed from practically anywhere. I've listened to dozens of different free podcasts and have come up with my Top 8 Best Free Audio Podcast Downloads on the Web (in no particular order. Just kidding, it's alphabetical.):

  • 10 Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast. Longtime Internet marketer Jay Berkowitz, CEO of, produces one of the best Internet marketing podcasts out there. Jay has worked for legendary marketing giants like McDonald's and Coca-Cola and brings to his audience a biweekly helping of industry news, expert interviews and listener questions. Big Picture Web and I owe a lot to Jay and
  • Digital Marketer from Quick and Dirty Tips. These 5-10 minute pearls of practical marketing wisdom range from social media "dont's" to which Internet marketing tasks you should automate. Quick and Dirty Tips also produces the very enjoyable free audio downloads from the Get-It-Done Guy and the Public Speaker podcasters.
  • Internet Business Mastery. I heard one free audio episode of this best-of-breed podcast and was hooked. Sterling and Jay are flat-out inspiring as you hear them talk about getting an Internet business off the ground. These guys have one of the best shows out there and will really get your blood pumping with new ideas and energy towards Internet marketing.
  • Managing the Edge. This fantastic show out of Des Moines, Iowa (yes, Des Moines, Iowa) brings weekly podcasts on learning the fundamentals of Internet marketing. Doug and Andy present everything at just the right level to make it both valuable an accessible to folks new to some of the concepts. Spend about 45 minutes and get to know my neighbors to the south.
  • Marketing Over Coffee. Hosts Christopher S. Penn and John Wall meet up Thursday mornings for coffee and a chat about Internet marketing. It's a great back-and-forth from two experts steeped in experience. These 20-30 minutes podcasts are dense with insights that will have light bulbs going off over you head the entire time. Marketing Over Coffee is definitely in my top three.
  • SEO Rockstars. Search engine optimization (SEO) (link to article) is a hot topic for Internet marketers and SEO Rockstars brings a great podcast about the most interesting events and stories within the industry. Their coverage of Affiliate Conventions's session on Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO was like listening to an epic battle between good and evil. WebmasterRadio.FM produces this and other great free podasts like Domain Masters.
  • Social Media, What?. Produced right here in Minnesota, Social Media, What? is a fresh and insightful podcast on one of the Internet's hottest trends, social media. Hosts Ian and Graeme practically live and breath music, the Internet and social media.
  • This Week in Tech. Despite the acronym, TWiT, by which its listeners affectionality refer to it, This Week in Tech is a superb source of news and insights for the technology industry as a whole. Tech Luminaries Leo Laporte, Patrick Newton, John C. Dvorak and more produce a weekly podcast that is a mix between comedy, news round-up and panel talk show.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed Big Picture Web's Top 8 Best Free Audio Podcast Downloads on the Web. There are many different podcasts and even more ways to learn about Internet marketing. Are you listening to Podcasts and if so, what are some of your favorites?