Five Personal Branding Strategies For Your Website

People don’t just like transparency or visibility, but they have now come to expect it. And because the world is so digitally inclined, having a personal website is an essential for your personal brand and professional wellbeing. But how can you get your website to stand out from the crowd? The On Ramp recently created a list of ideas for your perfectly branded website. Here are some of their best tips to get the most out of your website:

Good shots

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: high quality images will go a long way for your personal website. They put a face to your brand, build trust, and add transparency. Visitors to your website want to see the face behind the brand, and they don’t want to see old, outdated, or fuzzy photos. On Social Media Today, Barry Feldman suggests you take a variety of photos, both up close and in various settings, such as at your desk, leading a small group, or doing a presentation. If you’re known for your creativity, choose some unorthodox photos. If your brand is all about your professionalism and ingenuity, make your images professional. Make sure the feel of the photos capture your brand.

Use of video

Another suggestion from On The Ramp is to implement video on your website. Videos will make your site more visible through search engine optimization and they will help you stand out from the crowd. For those who sound better talking rather than writing and have the charisma to hold a viewing audience, video can truly enhance your personal website. Branding and personality can have their chance for the spotlight through video. Consider making a welcome video, a tutorial, or switching up your typical content to video format. And, of course, make sure the video is engaging with viewers. Invite them to share their thoughts through comments.

Invest in high quality images that reflect your brand for your website.

Invest in high quality images that reflect your brand for your website.

Great design

What good is a website if it’s all text? If it looks like it’s straight from 2003? If the navigation is confusing and the layout is cluttered? Like your professional photos, your website should be all about presentation. However, your website also needs to be functional. Ebay Partner Network recommends removing all unnecessary distractions from your website to retain visitors. For a perfect platform where ease meets aesthetics, consider Squarespace. You don’t have to know how to write code to create a professional website for your brand. With Squarespace, you can create a website with your name as your domain that is easy to navigate and best presents your brand in the digital realm.

Engage the audience

If somebody stops by your website, that’s great. But how can you keep them interested and coming back? The On Ramp says email newsletters are the best way to keep viewers engaged. Weekly newsletters will keep your site relevant and on the minds of your audience. Additionally, keep your content engaging for readers or viewers. Ask for their input and make sure there is room for comments and messages.

Add credibility

Recommendations and testimonials can do wonders for your personal website. Ask those who have used your services, worked with you, or know your professional habits to vouch for you and your brand. Testimonials work great both on your website and on sites such as Yelp and Google + Business, which The Huffington Post recommends for amping up your search engine optimization. These tools make personal branding easy on your own website.