Getting Your Message Right with Your Customer

Are you a good fit for your customers? The right customer can make you more successful and help you enjoy doing what you do even more. Take Alan Houser, for example.

Focus Your Message

Alan is a Squarespace designer, media maker, and friend of mine. He redesigned his site this week to hyper-focus his message to only potential clients who want a beautiful website created specifically for them that they can then manage on their own. The new home page video illustrates this message perfectly:

Be the Hedgehog?

In business, the goal is often just to make a profit. But great companies travel Alan's path by saying no to the wrong type of work and focusing instead on the one thing they do the best. This was dubbed the "Hedgehog Concept" in Good to Great by Jim Collins. Put it this way:

“A great company is more likely to die of indigestion from too much opportunity than starvation from too little.” - Packard's Law

If great companies can do this, so can great people. 

Think about this quote as you do your work today. Are you doing what you can to focus on what you do best or are you experiencing some indigestion right now?

P.S. Make sure you give @AlanHouser a shout on Twitter and tell him what you think of his new site.