Online Marketing Books are Highly Underrated

More online marketing booksStaying educated in the Internet marketing industry isn't an easy task. You read as many blog posts as you can. You download new whitepapers and listen to podcasts. Maybe you even manage to stay on top of the deluge that is your Twitter stream and Facebook updates. But in this flood of new information, do we end up losing the ability to tie it all together? In today's post, we'll explore the humble online marketing book as a means of learning and examine some cool new Big Picture Web resources to get you started.

Brevity is rewarded more and more in a world where our attention spans continue to shrink each day. As a result, online marketing books are becoming highly underrated. Who has the attention span for a book? Who has the time?

But as we increase the volume and diversity of our sources of online marketing education, do we do so at the expense of being able to make sense of it all?

That's why I love reading online marketing books. It's an excellent way to fully absorb an online marketing discipline or strategy from start to finish. Books provide a thorough explanation of processes, key metrics and main tactics associated with a particular strategy as well as a general mental framework for relating everything. You just can't get the same education by reading blogs alone.

Online marketing booksHave you read any of these online marketing books?

Not sure where to start? Big Picture Web is here to help as always. I've put up an Internet Marketing Book Review Page with links to reviews of online marketing books, done by yours truly. Each review contains a brief overview of the book, why the information presented is important and what other people are saying about it. 

And best of all, they have the Big Picture Web seal of approval. I won't link to junk and won't recommend anything that will waste your valuable time. The Internet Marketing Book Review Page will grow over time, but is starting out with reviews of these five excellent books:

Each online marketing book review is set up like a blog post and is intended to be conversation about the book. If you've read any of these books, feel free to tweet, like or comment on your favorite post to share your thoughts and express your admiration for Internet marketing books.

Are you an online marketing book worm? What was your last great read? How do you find the time? Leave your thoughts in the comments.