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Squarespace is the best solution for building and hosting a website and a personal brand if you're an author, blogger, artist, photographer, small business owner, entrepreneur, or anyone else looking for a powerful, yet beautiful website that doesn't take a degree in computer science to operate.

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Squarespace Websites are Powerful and Easy to Use

Squarespace is an all-in-one website platform that allows you to build, host, and publish your website in style.

Now your website will be the one others compliment. All from just $8/month*.

10 Reasons Squarespace is a Secret Weapon for Personal Brands

  1. Squarespace is powerful. You'll feel like a design genius with Squarespace's LayoutEngine (see video below), which allows you to easily drag and drop your website into being.
  2. Generate fans, leads and new business. Squarespace's custom form builder empowers you to construct any form on any page to collect data and send it to your inbox, populate a Google Doc speadsheet, or fill your MailChimp email list--all without knowing any code.
  3. Connect with Facebook. Squarespace interfaces with your Facebook page just by logging in to Facebook as your website. Place a follow, like, or share button with ease. Schedule status updates when you publish new content. You can even auto-publish and sync a Squarespace photo gallery into a custom tab of your Facebook page. 
  4. Build a unique online brand. Your business is unique. That's why you want its website to stand out on the Internet. Squarespace's intuitive design tools allow you to modify nearly every aspect of a suite of existing ultra-modern Squarespace templates.
  5. Showcase your products and services. With effortless pages, e-commerce, and image galleries features powered by modern web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, you can display your products and showcase your services in ways never before seen on the web.
  6. Rock mobile and tablet websites, too. Squarespace automatically creates seven different versions of every image you upload to flawlessly display your website on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices alike. Templates are driven by responsive design. Build one powerful website that looks great on any device.
  7. Command a publishing machine. Today's savvy entrepreneur is always connected with the world through blogs and social media. Schedule social media updates and blog from your tablet or mobile phone with Squarespace's advanced blogging tools.
  8. Obtain greater value. Squarespace begins at $8/month, and provides you with both your website hosting and the powerful content management tools. And if you buy a year-long plan, you'll also receive a free website domain that is automatically configured for your site.
  9. Optimize and analyze. Ready to be an advanced online marketer? Squarespace's platform is built on search engine-friendly code, and Squarespace also offers a robust analytics package built right in.
  10. Google Apps integration. If you're using Google Apps, you'll love Squarespace's simple integration. Combine the power of Google and Squarespace.

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These tips were developed by Big Picture Web founder, +Josh Braaten.