Squarespace Makes Blogging Easy

(Reasons 26 - 1 to Build a Squarespace Blog or Website)

Are you a blogger? Then you're going to love blogging with Squarespace.com(affiliate link). Squarespace blogs are easy to manage and provide excellent tools for publishing your thoughts. Read reasons 26-1 of our 101 Reasons to Build a Squarespace Blog or Website  to see why your should make your blog a Squarespace blog.

Squarespace Blogs and Why You'll Want One 

26. Post in a WYSIWYG Blogging Editor. Blogging feels more like composing an email than publishing to the web with Squarespace's easy What-You-See-is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) controls. Type our your thoughts, then effortlessly add images, links, videos and more. right from the intuitive controls.

25. The Wordpress Killer? If you compare Squarespace vs. Wordpress feature-by-feature, you'll find that two blogging softwares are simliar in their robustness, yet very different in other rimportant areas. Make your own comparison and decide for yourself.

24. Squarespace has Autosave. Everyone hates losing progress on your blog post due to forgetting to save your work. Luckily, Squarespace's blog functionality comes with a built-in Autosave feature.

23. Embed Just About Anything with Ease. Squarespace has unique menu options for embedding links, images, videos and widgets placed directly within the editing interface.

22. Schedule Blog Posts in the Future. Squarespace's robust editing interface provides options for drafting and publishing entries in the future. Control your editorial calendar with Squarespace's easy blog scheduling tools.

21. Organize your Thoughts with Squarespace. Define custom tags and categories for your Squarespace blog posts.

The Value of Squarespace

20. The Squarespace Two Week No Card Trial. Squarespace is so confident that you'll love their product that they offer the best trial around. Simply enter your username, password and email address and you have launched your new Squarespace site. There are no credit cards or automatic rebills. You get full control of your website for two weeks before you decide to buy.

19. Squarespace Includes Hosting and Publishing. Hosting is a fundamental part of every Squarespace website. Squarespace provides premium hosting. Plus, you get the best web publishing tools available on the market. The combination yields a value much more than the nominal monthly pricing.

18. Paying for Perfection. Some web publishers make their money off of ads from free accounts. Squarespace makes its money only through its valued paying customer and so there's only one audience to please: you. Squarespace works hard to biuld you the best web publishing tool possible.

17. Flexible Pricing Models. Squarespace's affordable pricing ranges from $12-36 per month, making them affordable at every level. Bloggers can afford Squarespace for the price of a large pizza each month. Businesses can run their website for less than the internet connectivity required to access it.

The Many Widgets of Squarespace

16. A Web Publisher's Toolbox. Squarespace's modular web building tools include a scrollbar's worth of different widgets. Each one serves a different purpose. Each one was thoughtfully designed and comes complete with an assortment of configuration options.

15. Make RSS Really Simple. The Squarespace RSS widget makes it easy to invite people to subscribe to your RSS feed. Or easily integrate with Google Feedburner RSS if you'd prefer.

14. Squarespace Email Widgets Aid Subscription. Squarespace's Email widget gives you a way to collect email addresses from your website visitors without building an HTML form. Email addresses are saved to spreadsheets and emailed to you for your convenience.

13. Pay Your Squarespace Bill with Amazon. Create Amazon product lists and pages within minutes. Configuration is as easy as searching on Amazon.com. You could pay your Squarespace bill by integrating the Amazon Affiliates program with your website.

12. Flickr Fans will Favor Photo Features. Squarespace's Flickr widget is as customizable as the rest of Squarespace. Choose from many different display and configuration options, then go on to customize the look and feel.

11. Share Snippets of Recent Articles. The Squarespace RSS Feed widget automatically pulls in your most recent blog posts and displays summaries. Get more mileage out of recent articles by sharing recent snippets throughout your Squarespace website.

10. Tag Cloud Widget Integration. Squarespace's Tag Cloud widget is just one more example of the many customization options Squarespace provides. Display unique tag clouds that summarize the unique content of your blog or website.

Squarespace is Social

9. Squarespace and Smarter Social Media. Squarespace both integrates with and enhances your social media presence with their smart social media widgets. They receive a live stream of your tweets and back them up on your site. Your tweets will still load even if Twitter is down.

8. Make it Easier to Connect. An important part of any social media strategy is to make it easy for people to follow you on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Squarespace's Social Links widget can see you up and running with links and icons to all your social outposts in no time.

7. Make it Easier to Share. Squarespace's HTML widgets makes adding Like and Tweet buttons a matter of copy and paste. (You don't need to know HTML to be able to copy and paste it, trust me.) Make it easier for people to share your content and they probably will.

Squarespace and Search Engines

6. Squarespace is Search Engine-Friendly. Squarespace is built on clean XHTML structure which means that search engines can easily access and understand the content on your site. As a result, Squarespace websites with quality content perform very well in search engine results.

5. Edit Squarespace's Meta TagsSquarespace SEO (search engine optimization) is generally pretty good also in part because you can access and modify important meta tags such as your meta title and description.

4. Squarespace has 301 Redirects. It's important to tell search engines when content has moved on your website. If you move your website or restructure it, Squarespace has you covered with an excellent 301 redirect utility. Don't lose the SEO equity your content has built up just because you move it.

3. Custom Domain Mapping with Every Plan. Every Squarespace plan allows you to use a custom domain name. Simply register you domain name and then point it at your Squarespace site. 

2. Squarespace Code is Clean and Minimalist. The folks at Squarespace are obsessed with the design of your website, both inside and out. Code is kept to a minimum so you page loads quickly and efficiently. Search engines reward websites with more content than code that load quickly.

1. Squarespace RSS Widgets Promote SEO. Squarespace's SEO-friendly RSS widget provides syndication links directly to your most recent posts. Keep your Web pages updated with fresh content with Squarespace's RSS widget. 

More Reasons to Build a Squarespace Blog or Website

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