Personal Branding as the Cornerstone of Authentic Leadership

Adele Gulfo oversees Pfizer's Latin America division.

Adele Gulfo oversees Pfizer's Latin America division.

Personal branding is more about leadership than it is about self promotion according to Adele Gulfo, president of Pfizer Latin America. The advocate for women in business opined in a recent Huffington Post article that personal branding leads to authentic leadership  because "you're acting in a way that's consistent with your vision of who you are, what you're good at and what matters most to you -- both professionally and personally."

Gulfo describes your personal brand as "the collection of values you stand for and for offerings you consistently deliver." With this definition, it's easy to see why she thinks authentic leaders are built from strong personal brands.

The culture and direction of a company is often reinforced by the ongoing efforts of specific people who make an impact. It may start with a person or a small team of people, typically those that are driving the success and growth of a company. Values shared by these individuals tend to become associated with the success of the company and are then encouraged or even incentivized by leadership looking to re-create success at all levels of the organization.

Building a Personal Brand and a Leader

What started as one person's values grow organically until they become a part of the entire company culture. Naturally, it's easy to see how a person could be transparent and authentic as a leader of a company if they helped to seed the very mission and vision that drives it. 

Inferred within Gulfo's article is a call-to-action to be bold, passionate and focused with where you want to go with your career. You can't be a leader unless you have a vision, and you can't have a vision if something doesn't matter to you. 

Are you passionate about your life, both personally and professionally? Do you stand for something and advocate for what matters most to you in your career? If so, chances are you agree with Adele Gulfo and me when it comes to personal branding and leadership.