Squarespace Releases Facebook Page Support

The folks at Squarespace continue to refine Squarespace 6, the newest version of the content management system and blogging platform. Last week they released a handful of new features, including social media profile support for Facebook Pages.

When Squarespace 6 first launched this summer, Facebook support included gallery and tab integration and social link integration with your personal profile, but you couldn't override your social links on your website to display your brand's Facebook Page URL.

With the change announced on the Squarespace Service Blog on October 17, Squarespace released support for Facebook Pages when integrating social links on your website.

Displaying Your Facebook Page on Squarespace Social Links

Squarespace's Facebook Page integration interface is intuitive and lightweight. 

Squarespace's Facebook Page integration interface is intuitive and lightweight. 

Integrating your brand's Facebook Page with Squarespace is easy. Access your Squarespace website's administrative settings, and navigate to the Connected Accounts menu. Add a Facebook connection, and use to drop-down to select the appropriate Facebook Page from the Push Target field.

Squarespace templates that support social links will now display your Facebook Page link instead of your personal profile link.

(Note: You may have to uninstall, then re-install a Facebook connection to support brands.)

This menu can also be leveraged to create a default posting format for your Facebook statuses when you publish new content on your Squarespace blog. You can use dynamic fields, such as your post titles, URLs, and authors.

How important is Facebook to your Squarespace website? Is it critical to the success of your brand, or is there another social network that is even more important than Facebook?