Squarespace Portfolio App Innovates Through Website Integration

Squarespace releases portfolio app for iPhone and iPad.

Squarespace released an amazing new portfolio app for the iPhone and iPad that provides artists with a fully customizable way to share their work. The new iOS apps integrate with an existing Squarespace website, an innovation that streamlines the process of showcasing your talent on the web and on the go.

An Effortless Squarespace Portfolio App Setup Process

The Squarespace portfolio app seamlessly integrates with existing galleries on Squarespace websites, yet another nod to designers and artists on the platform (e.g., Squarespace also offers an easy way to integrate their portfolios with Facebook page apps.).

Simply download the app and log in to your Squarespace account. Choose a website to sync. Then pick and choose which galleries belong in your portfolio and sync all of the assets directly to your device for access to your portfolio with or without Internet access.

Log in with your Squarespace credentials.
Choose the website within the portfolio app
Choose images and sync portfolio app.

Countless Configuration Options for the Portfolio App

After the few brief minutes spent importing images, the Squarespace portfolio app provides a variety of configuration options for your collections, galleries, and images, including:

  • Display or hide borders for portfolio contents
  • Configure the shape and alignment of portfolio images
  • Control the size and layout of how images and portfolio assets display
  • Change display settings for image titles and meta data
  • Adjust background between light and dark

Squarespace portfolio app configuration.
Alternative portfolio app configuration.

Navigating Your Beautiful iOS Portfolio App

Once you're set up and configured, you've got yourself a simple, yet professional portfolio app that doesn't require a ton of maintenance. Maintenance is as easy as updating your website galleries as usual and syncing your portfolio app occasionally.

Squarespace's full-service approach to web publishing tools is very apparent with their Portfolio iPhone and iPad apps. Navigating through your best work with potential new clients and other designer enthusiasts has never been easier.

Your Portfolio on the Go

Download the new Squarespace Portfolio iOS apps (in addition to their freshly-updated web iPhone and iPad editing apps) and then tell me what you think in the comments. Does the website integration make sense or is it better to have a stand-alone portfolio on smartphones and tablets? What other types of apps should Squarespace be making?