Personal Branding On Twitter

Personal branding is about utilizing all the resources available to you. That’s why many professionals turn to social media to spread their brand. Social media allows you to reach your audience on a more personal level. It allows you to show the different areas of your brand and to interact with your followers more easily. That’s why Twitter is ideal for all your personal branding needs.

Why Twitter?

There are so many social media platforms to utilize, but Twitter is one you should definitely invest some time in. Interns Over 40 recently made some great points on the benefits of Twitter over Facebook for branding. Twitter tends to be less personal than Facebook and its sharing potential is practically limitless. Think of Twitter as a micro-blog for your brand. You can tweet brand updates, links to articles, and interact with other influencers in the field easily in snippets of 140 characters.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Twitter is its user’s visibility. Unlike some social networks where your updates are only seen by a certain designated few, your tweets can be read and retweeted by millions of Twitter users.

Twitter can open your personal brand up to millions of users.

Twitter can open your personal brand up to millions of users.

Brand meets Twitter

Personal branding is about consistency across the board, and that applies to your Twitter account. Use your professional name and stick to whatever handle, or username, you’ve been using on other social media sites to maximize visibility. Use a professional photo for your image and link to your website, LinkedIn, and blog.

Likable Daily and Web Ink Now both stress the importance of utilizing the bio of your Twitter account. This will be one of the first things others will see and should be utilized to make your account a stand-out. Some Twitter users make a watered-down list of their resume while others utilize search engine optimization with buzzwords. Don’t be afraid to experiment with hashtags, quotes, or snippets that will demonstrate your brand’s personality and attitude. Mashable has some great advice for coming up with the perfect Twitter bio.

Branding one tweet at a time

Personal branding on Twitter, like all outlets, should be focused. There’s not a lot of wiggle room in 140 characters, so learning the art of concise tweeting is essential. When building your brand on Twitter, do not deviate from it in your tweets. Tweet only updates on your brand, links to your website or blog, relevant retweets, and links to applicable articles. This way, other users will know exactly what they’re getting into and will be more likely to follow you.

Building a following

On Twitter, numbers are perceived as power. That’s why some celebrities and politicians pay for followers. Having a substantial following is eye-catching and demands respect. Aim to build a following by consistently posting tweets relevant to your brand. Post regularly and frequently. Keep your posts thought-provoking, interesting, and engaging to build a reputation for quality content on Twitter. Utilize the hashtag function and follow like-minded influencers in your field. Many times, they will follow you in return and could even retweet you someday, passing your message along to their larger audience.

Of course, take our advice with a grain of salt and don’t entirely rely on Twitter to promote yourself. Twitter is great for promoting your brand in a micro-setting, but don’t put all your eggs into a social media basket. Instead of relying on a platform of which you have little control, take your brand into your own hands with your own website. Squarespace allows you to customize your site in your name for the optimal digital experience. Give your brand the best first impression possible with a streamlined, aesthetically designed and award-winning Squarespace website.

What do you think of personal branding on Twitter? Share your ideas and advice and leave a comment below!