Personal Branding in the Workplace: Styling Your Brand

Branding is all about representing yourself in the best possible way. You want to leave a good impression with others. You want to be memorable everywhere you go – especially in your career. Personal branding in the workplace reflects in your actions and your appearance. How you present yourself, whether you like it or not, is a representation of your brand. That’s why it’s essential to dress the part.

Dressing for your brand means something different to everyone. Not only does it depend on the essence of your brand, but your style is also influenced by your working environment, body type, age, and personal preferences. If your career is in finance, you probably have less wiggle room to brand your working style than someone in the creative field. Take these factors into consideration when building your branded wardrobe.

Standing out with style

In a recent post by Ariella Coombs on Career Realism, she wrote about the importance of dressing the part for your personal brand. Coombs suggested using style as a tool of expression in the workplace. While many employees try their best to blend in, few venture out of the standard working apparel. Even those with strict dress codes can make small gestures for a big impact on their brand.

Establish your personal brand in the workplace through accent color. Red conveys confidence and determination.

Establish your personal brand in the workplace through accent color. Red conveys confidence and determination.

Coombs proposed professionals wear eye-catching and on-trend items. Shoes and accessories are easy ways to work around tight dress codes. Accent colors can have a powerful affect on an outfit’s entire look. Coombs also suggested branders wear current and trendy outfits to present themselves as modern, innovative, and confident.

When fashion hurts your brand

Interestingly, another article written this week argued against wearing trendy clothing. CEO Richard A. Moran wrote on the woes of fashion missteps in the workplace from a man’s perspective in his article, "Skinny Suits and Interviews." Specifically, he called out men who wear very on-trend skinny suits, which he claim only look good on Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, and men in GQ magazines.

Fashion is instant language.
— Miuccia Prada

Moran’s point is valid. Wearing trendy apparel in the workplace can work sometimes, if the attire fits well, is comfortable, and is appropriate for the working environment. Despite Coombs urging women to reach for trendier attire, this advice must be taken into consideration of the brand for each professional.

Branding your work wear

The Art Institute offers great advice for building a branded work wardrobe. When it comes to personal branding in the workplace, your closet has no room for clutter. Start by clearing out old items that don’t earn their place in your wardrobe. Donate anything that isn’t worn often or doesn’t best reflect your brand to make room for your new branded style. Working with less allows you to customize your look to match your brand.

Transferring your personal brand to your closet can be a daunting task. However, focusing on small, doable changes can ease you into the look you want. Think of designing your wardrobe like the design of your business card. It should demonstrate your professionalism without dismissing your personality and style.

The Fashion Spot advises you find a signature piece or look and keep you outfits consistent. Maybe you have a certain color you wear all the time. Maybe you wear wacky socks, a strand of pearls, or a type of bag. Style doesn’t have to be excessive – a minimalistic look with a statement item can be a powerful call to your brand.

Style is important for promoting your brand in real life. But are you matching that style online? Find the perfect fit with a Squarespace website. The award-winning platform is a fantastic support for anyone looking to take their personal brand online. All templates are mobile-ready to take your brand anywhere. Dress your brand up with an aesthetically designed Squarespace website for the best digital experience online.

When it comes to personal branding in the workplace, style is an essential. How do you incorporate your personal brand into your work wardrobe? Share your ideas and advice and leave a comment below!