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How to Integrate Squarespace and Drip (and Turn Your Website Into A Marketing Automation Machine)

Do you want to do do more than just simple email marketing with the leads and contacts you gather on your Squarespace website? I don't blame you.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to integrate Squarespace with Drip, the world's easiest and most powerful marketing automation platform.


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Before We start, Why Integrate Squarespace with Drip?

The easy answer is two-fold:

  1. Time
  2. Money

Unpacking that a little more, marketing automation tools like Drip are a great way to automate manual tasks that sap the already limited time we have to dedicate to our marketing.

And unlike basic email marketing tools like Mailchimp, which have recently included some piecemeal automation features, Drip is among the class of tools that make all sorts of things easier and faster.

Why kind of things?

At the building block level, you can created completely automated workflows filled with emails, decisions, forks, delays, one-off emails, purchase notifications and more. 

These features help you save time by completely automating the process of sending campaigns, assisting sales teams, qualifying leads, fulfilling orders, and much, much more.

What you'll need to integrate Squarespace with Drip

Squarespace doesn't yet integrate with Drip natively, but that shouldn't stop you from being able to experience all of those sweet, sweet automation benefits.

To integrate Squarespace with Drip, you'll need the following tools:

Once you've created these accounts, which are all free on top of your existing Squarespace subscription, you can proceed to the next section of our guide, which will walk you through exactly how to integrate Squarespace with Drip.

Let's get started on saving you time and making you more money!

Step 1: Connect a Squarespace Form to A Google Sheet

The first thing we'll need to do is to get new submissions from your Squarespace forms out of Squarespace using one of the three supported methods:

  1. Email
  2. Google Sheets
  3. Mailchimp

Our method for integrating Squarespace and Drip involves Google Sheets.

Find the form in Squarespace that you want to send to Drip.

Next, navigate to the Storage tab within the Edit Form interface.

Enter the name of the Google Sheet you want to send new form submissions to. Squarespace will automatically create a new Google Sheet if you enter a name of a document that doesn't yet exist.

The name of the Google Sheet document we're looking for is: Contact Big Picture Web.

The name of the Google Sheet document we're looking for is: Contact Big Picture Web.

Save your changes and you're done with step one. Easy, right?

Step 2: Connecting Your Google Sheet with Zapier

The next step involves getting new contacts/leads/entries in your Google Sheet over to Drip. 

In order to do this, we're going to enlist one of the most helpful tools on the entire planet for marketers, Zapier. 

Imagine you have data or information about a person in one tool (e.g., Google Sheets) and you wanted to send that information to another tool (e.g., Drip).

Zapier is like a switchboard operator for your different marketing tools.

In this next step. You'll see how to get information from that Google Sheet into Zapier.

Assuming you've created a Google Sheet and a Zapier account, head to the Zapier directory and search for both Google Sheets and Drip.

Search for Google Sheets and Drip in the Zapier  Explore  directory.

Search for Google Sheets and Drip in the Zapier Explore directory.

Look for the Zap—this is what Zapier calls an automation rule—called "Create or update Drip subscriber from new row in Google Sheets".

Once you've found it, click on "Use this Zap."

Follow the simple steps in the wizard to connect to a Google Account and select the sheet you want to sync with Squarespace.

You've just completed the second step of our tutorial. High five!

Step 3: Connecting Zapier With Your Drip Account

The last step of our simple little process is to complete our Zapier rule setup to connect it with your Drip account.

Follow the prompts from Zapier to go through the different authentication requests to connect your Drip/Squarespace/Zapier accounts together.

If you get stuck at any point, refer to the video above. There are a lot of clicks, but they're easy clicks, so we should be OK.

At some point, you'll be faced with this screen, which will ask you how you want to map fields from your Squarespace form into Drip.


We recommend doing at least these three things:

  1. Mapping an Email Address is required. Select the appropriate field from your Google Sheet to designate the field for the Drip Email Address field.
  2. Select the advanced options link to set addition custom fields in Drip. Take note of the conventions suggested in the video above.
  3. Tag new submissions of a Squarespace form uniquely. For example, we're tagging people with a contact-us tag when the form is filled out on our Contact page

Once you've gone through the wizard on the Zapier website, you'll get a confirmation that your Zap is active and that all your new form submissions on your Squarespace website are headed to Drip.

Excellent! Except, let's test it out to make sure it works.

Testing Out Your New Drip and Squarespace Integration

Once you've completed all of these steps, you should be able to test things out by sending a test submission through your Squarespace form.

Wait about five minutes—the minimum time between you Zapier Zap—and then check to see that the subscriber has been added to Drip.

Validate that your new  Zap  is working by examining your new contacts in Drip.

Validate that your new Zap is working by examining your new contacts in Drip.

If everything looks like you'd expect, then you're all set.

Drip and Squarespace are now tied at the hip, affording you untold marketing automation capabilities above-and-beyond what you can do with the default form capture options Squarespace offers.

Squarespace and Drip are Integrated. Now What?

Once you've integrated Squarespace and Drip, the next step is to automate all the different parts of your marketing using Drip's marketing automation capabilities. 

We'll be posting a lot more in the future about what are the highest revenue opportunities in marketing automation and how you can experience them as a Squarespace website owner.

In the meantime, let us know in the comments or in social media whether this tutorial was helpful and if it's something you end up using to make more money online.

Until then, have a great day! 

Squarespace Customer Service Wins Coveted Awards

The Squarespace customer service team won two Steve Awards last week. Also known as the American Business Awards, these bad boys are coveted as some of the nation's top awards for businesses.  

Squarespace's 50-person-strong Customer Care Team won the Gold Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year - Computer Services, while their Director of Customer Care, Christa Collins, received the Bronze Stevie Award for Customer Service Executive of the Year. 

Squarespace's Customer Service Options

Squarespace's customer service makes it easy for customers to be successful with their platform, which is one of the biggest advantages it holds over free or self-hosted platforms. The Stevie Award-winning Customer Care Team offers several easy ways to get support:

  •  The Squarespace Help Center - The most commonly asked questions are answered in full text and image articles, and they even have a Squarespace 101 section for new customers.
  • Squarespace Help Tickets - Squarespace's signature form of customer service is its blazing-fast email ticketing system, which handles close to 15k requests each week. Submit a ticket from almost anywhere on your site and get an answer often within minutes.
  • Squarespace Answers - This community managed forum features questions and answers from Squarespace customers and designer/developers that use the platform. If your questions are a bit more in-depth, give Squarespace Answers a try. 
  • Live Chat - Last but not least, you can live chat with Squarespace's Customer Care team Monday-Friday between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 Eastern time by clicking on the chat invite prompt that appears on the Help Center when chat is available.

I was shocked to hear that Squarespace supports over 14,000 tickets per week with their awesome Customer Care team. When it comes to customer service, Squarespace, has definitely exceeded my expectations in the few times I've needed to engage them as a Squarespace customer. Congrats, Squarespace, on your Stevie Awards - you deserve them! 

The 11 Most Popular Squarespace Cities in the World

Web publishing platform Squarespace is an international hit, both in terms of its customer base and more recently its business operations. Squarespace's Dublin offices were announced in early May, marking the first office outside of the U.S. for the start-up content management system.

While Squarespace offices in Ireland is news, international customers is nothing new. Squarespace has been popular in the U.K., U.S., Canada, and Australia for years.

The Most Popular Squarespace Cities in the World

According to Google Trends, Squarespace's international popularity is greatest in its hometown of New York , but Toronto, Sydney and London all rank among the top great Squarespace cities. Here's the breakdown of the top eleven:

  1. New York City, United States
  2. San Francisco, United States
  3. Los Angeles, United States
  4. Seattle, United States
  5. Toronto, Canada
  6. Sydney, Australia
  7. Melbourne, Australia
  8. Chicago, United States
  9. Atlanta, United States
  10. Houston, United States
  11. London, England

What countries will Squarespace expand to next?