Is the Squarespace 6 Release Right Around the Corner?

Squarespace 6 Release is NearAn official Squarespace 6 company website was spotted out in the wild this week, listing the pricing and features of the new platform, and proclaiming that the beta is now over and that Squarespace 6 is being readied for customers. Has the long wait finally come to an end? Is the Squarespace 6 release right around the corner?

As I was getting ready to fire up this week's post, my eye was drawn to a tweet by Squarespacer Hamish Prior from Melbourne, Australia: 

Curious, I clicked, and found what looks like what will be the homepage when Squarespace 6 is released. Evidently, it looks like things are going to happen soon. If Hamish's tweet is an indication of things to come, Squarespace 6 is coming soon, and it will include some amazing new features.

What do you think? Will the new features be worth the wait or has Squarespace missed their window to really impress current and new customers with the release of Squarespace 6?