Hanging Out and Talking Squarespace

Squarespace Google+ HangoutA few weeks ago I received an email from Carlus Gupton asking for some advice about search engine optimization (SEO) on Squarespace. Since I don't have much extra time for consulting these days, I told Carlus that I wanted to figure out how to help him out while not letting any of my other responsibilities slip. Turns out, Google had the answer in their new Google+ Hangouts. Hang out with me while I cover Carlus's SEO questions, and let's chat about Squarespace, online marketing, and SEO.

A Google+ Hangout About Squarespace

On Thursday, June 28 at 7pm CDT (8pm EDT/6pm PDT) we'll be hosting our first ever Google+ Hangout, and you're invited to participate. We're calling it Hanging Out and Talking Squarespace, and it might just turn into an ongoing series about online marketing with Squarespace.

The topic of this first show will be Squarespace and SEO. We'll be exploring the best way to organize your website, how to perform keyword research for your website, and the do's and don't's of SEO on Squarespace.

Google+ Hangout Features

Up to nine people can be a part of a Google+ Hangout at any one time. That's 3/4 dozen people asking questions, sharing knowledge and showing off their Squarespace websites. Claim your spot in the Hangout early by dropping me a line and telling me that you're interested.

What do you need to hang out with us? A computer with a microphone, webcam, and Internet connectivity is required. It also helps to have interest in how to market your Squarespace website online, but not necessarily any direct knowledge.

Google+ Hangout features

We'll also be inviting people via Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Plus, we'll be streaming live on YouTube, thanks to the new Hangouts on Air functionality Google released in May. Hanging Out and Talking Squarespace will be published on our currently sparse YouTube channel after the live event has concluded for those who can't attend in person. 

Don't miss your chance to be a part of the first Google+ Hangout about Squarespace with our Hanging Out and Talking Squarespace series starting on June 28. Drop me a line now to secure your spot during the live event. You can also submit your ideas for future show topics too!