Disqus and Squarespace Comments Together at Last

Disqus Comments on SquarespaceAnyone with a Squarespace blog will tell you that, traditionally, the Squarespace commenting system has left something to be desired. Luckily, Squarespace 6 will bring an end to clunky captas and limited commenting options. Not only will Squarespace offer a completely revamped commenting system to accompany their new platform launch, but they'll also be introducing a one-click integration with the popular commenting system, Disqus.

Installing Disqus on a Squarespace 6 Blog

Installing Disqus on a Squarespace blog has always been possible with a little tweaking, but now it couldn't be easier with Squarespace 6. The first thing you need to do is register your blog and create an account on Disqus. It's a simple process. Then, enter your Disqus Shortname for your blog in the corresponding field in the General Settings of Squarespace 6. That's it. Squarespace is going out of their way to make it easy to have an amazing blog or website with powerful features and extensibility. 

Squarespace 6 Settings for Disqus comments

Seemless Disqus Integration with Squarespace 6

I recently tried out the new Disqus comments on Squarespace 6 on my KoiStory.com blog about koi fish. I have to say that I'm impressed so far. Squarespace pulled in Disqus without any effort on my part after simply pasting in my Disqus Shortname.

Disqus comments on a Squarespace 6 blog

What do you think about the new Squarespace 6 and Disqus comments integration? I've started publishing on KoiStory.com, despite Squarespace's warning that everything is still in beta. I guess it's my way of wanting to use the new platform. Do extra features like one-click Disqus integration make it seem worth the wait?