How Squarespace 6 Mobile Sites Will Make Your Life Easier

Squarespace on mobile and desktop websitesAs the Internet becomes available on a greater number of screens, the necessity to develop mobile versions of our websites has introduced even more complexity to web publishing. A full 8.5% of the world's Internet traffic is now mobile. Squarespace 6 mobile sites will be nothing short of amazing because they'll look great on any screen without extra effort on your part. Take a peak at Squarespace 6 and the future of mobile websites in this week's post.

Squarespace 6 and Responsive Design

Squarespace 6 utilizes responsive design, a progressive development approach where the content and presentation of the website change automatically based on the device being used. You won't have to build different mobile versions of your website for each device. Squarespace will adjust seemlessly to look great across computers, tablets and smartphones alike. This cuts down on time and effort for you, and improves the experience for your visitors.

Squarespace on Desktops, Tablets, and Smartphones

Let's take a look at responsive design in action. Below are three screenshots from the same URL, a blog post on, my Squarespace 6 beta site. Each screenshot is taken from a different device: a laptop, an iPad, and an iPhone. Notice how the content automatically changes to fit the device. This is responsive design in action, and why Squarespace 6 mobile sites will be amazing.

Squarespace 6 on a Laptop:

Squarespace 6 on a laptop/desktop

Squarespace 6 on an iPad:

Squarespace Six on an iPad screen

Squarespace 6 on an iPhone:

Squarespace 6 on an iPhone screen

Each device displays the content brilliantly, and with no additional effort on my part. I love responsive design, and I can't wait for Squarespace 6 and mobile sites powered by it. Hats off to the template designers at Squarespace!

Squarespace 6 is still in beta, but as you can see from the screenshots, the new platform is well on its way. This level of sophistication shows that the Squarespace development team is aiming for perfection with Squarespace 6. 

What do you think of the screenshots from and Squarespace 6? What questions do you have about Squarespace mobile sites on v5 and/or Squarespace 6? Let's chat mobile in the comments.