Fast and Easy Blogging with the Squarespace iPad App

Julio Ojeda-Zapata speaks about mobile apps

I'm at the Minnesota Blogger Conference where tech columnist and iPad expert Julio Ojeda-Zapata is talking about the best iPad apps for blogging. While most of them are cumbersome at best, the Squarespace iPad app is quite good. In fact, this blog post is part of Julio's presentation, and most of the participants agree that Squarespace has the best iPad app across the industry. 

I don't use the Squarespace iPad app to publish most of my blog posts, but it's nice when you need to quickly and easily get new content out there. It's also great for those looking to do as much as possible on their iPads without involving a laptop. Squarespace makes it easy to publish your posts, or just draft them and save the heavy lifting of formatting for later.

If you're still not ready to start using the iPad app for blogging, at the very least, you can use it to look at your web stats at a glance or monitor and moderate your comments.

What do you think of the Squarespace iPad app?

Update: I wrote most of this live blog post while I was at the conference and published it that day. Since then I've updated it to take care of a few typos and to format it appropriately to adhere to the style guidelines of my blog. The goal at the time was to demonstrate the ease of near-real-time publishing with the help of the Squarespace iPad app. I've also added a few screenshots below to give you and idea of what it looks like.

Blogging with the Squarespace iPad app(The Squarespace iPad app blogging interface is elegant and intuitive.)Squarespace iPad app blog extras(You can also add images, schedule posts, and add tags/categories and excerpts.)

Squarespace textile and markdown editing mode(If you're a user of textile or markdown, you'll love the Squarespace iPad app. It also has an HTML editing mode.)
Squarespace iPad app analytics(Squarespace also boasts and analytics dashboard in its iPad app, a feature that few other platforms offer.)Squarespace iPad app account management(Squarespace allows you to jump between accounts with its iPad app's account management features.)Squarespace iPad app commenting(Squarespace's iPad app allows you to reply to comments, email commenters, and moderate comments.)Squarespace iPad app comment moderation(Does a comment look fishy? Take a look at it in detailed view and delete or report as spam as necessary.)