Internet Marketing 101: History, Strategy & Tactics

Internet marketing 101 processDoing your research before you start a new task invariably leads to better results in less time. The same is true for Internet marketing. I've seen a lot of folks charge forth with new websites and social media presences without any Internet marketing 101 research, and then they wonder why their campaign didn't go anywhere.

I had a recent opportunity to present on Internet marketing, and I turned it into an Internet marketing 101 that covers the history, basic strategies and tactics of Internet marketing.

Turn Online Marketing Strategies into New Business is a presentation I gave at the Wausau, WI Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Week 2011, sponsored by Rasmussen College (note: I work for them). In my opinion, every Internet marketing crash course should involve at least three major ideas:

  1. Modern Media History - Internet marketing is different in many ways from traditional marketing. Three important concepts that have shifted consumer media consumption are attention, permission and trust.
  2. Internet Marketing Strategy - Every Internet marketing strategy needs to cover several main objectives. I find it's best to have a mental framework, summed up by the ideas of identifying, listening, creating, sharing and measuring.
  3. Internet Marketing Tactics - Websites, blogs and social media all present different opportunities, strengths and challenges within your marketing campaign. Which channels should you be using and in what capacity?

If you're looking for a good Internet marketing 101, feel free to use video or download the slides from the event, or view the complete transcript from the recent Wausau Internet marketing event for small businesses.

Internet Marketing 101 Video:

Internet Marketing 101 Presentation: