Introducing a Podcast by and for Squarespacers

Unofficial Squarespace podcastA few months ago I canvassed the Squarespace community to gauge interest in a podcast about Squarespace, the amazing web-publishing software upon which this blog is built. There was enough excitement and demand to warrant the creation of one, so today I'm happy to announce the launch of an unofficial Squarespace podcast, Content, Structure & Style. 

Content, Structure & Style is a twenty-to-thirty minute, (approximately) bi-weekly show by and for the Squarespace community. I'm hosting alongside two very talented designers on the Squarespace platform, Alan Houser of Creative Component and Eric Anderson of With over ten years of industry experience each, neither Alan nor Eric are strangers to Squarespace or podcasts. (Check out their other podcasting projects, CreativeXpert Design Interviews and Workers of the Web.)

In each episode, we'll be talking about tips, strategies and client stories on the Squarespace platform. For example, our inaugural episode delves into the intracacies of the client hand-off phase of any Squarespace website design project. We promise to cover much more Squarespace territory in future episodes.

If you'd like us to cover one of your questions about Squarespace on the show, submit your questions here, send us a tweet at @Squareshow or leave a voicemail at 317-53-SQUARE. The show is nothing if not for the Squarespacer, so please do give us a shout.

What do you think about a Squarespace podcast? Would you listen? Is every other week just right or would you listen more or less frequently? Finally, feel free to leave any suggestions for future shows in the comments.