How to Add the LinkedIn Share Button to a Squarespace Blog

Installing the Squarespace LinkedIn Share buttonWhen you share blog and news content on social networks, you probably do so by liking on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter. But have you ever thought to share on LinkedIn? LinkedIn recently revealed LinkedIn Today, a new social news website for professionals that makes it a good idea to add a LinkedIn Share button alongside your Tweet and Like buttons on your blog posts. Learn how to add the LinkedIn Share button to your Squarespace blog in today's post.

LinkedIn Today is like mixed with Digg and LinkedIn. You'll see a dashboard comprised of the most popular content being shared on LinkedIn by your professional network. Adding the LinkedIn Share button to your blog posts is as easy as adding the Tweet or Like button, and may be a good way to increase traffic and readers to your blog from the professional social network.

Getting the LinkedIn Share Button Code

In order to add the LinkedIn Share button to Squarespace, you must first get the code for the button from the LinkedIn Publishers page. Choose the button style you prefer and then enter %PERMALINK% into the URL to be Shared field (Important: Case sensitive). Copy the resulting code from the text box displayed.

LinkedIn Share button code

Adding the LinkedIn Share Button to Squarespace

Next, we'll add the LinkedIn Share button to Squarespace. Navigate to your blog main page and switch to the Structure Editing mode.

Squarespace administrative controls

Click the configure this page link to enter the Journal Page Configuration menu.

Squarespace blog administration

Scroll down to the Post Display Configuration section and click on an unused HTML Snippet from the list of Squarespace journal components

Squarespace HTML Snippet for LinkedIn

Paste the LinkedIn Share button code you copied from the first steps in the process and then choose Hide & Save.

LinkedIn Share button code for Squarespace blog

Finally, arrange the HTML Snippet within the blog post layout. Generally, Like, Tweet, and Share buttons should be at the top of blog posts to promote maximum visiblity. 

Squarespace blog post layout

Now when you look at each blog post, you'll see the LinkedIn Share button alongside any other social sharing buttons you've added via the HTML Snippets.

Squarespace blog post header

Share and Nurture Your LinkedIn Network

Your blog is the point at which your website, your brand and all of your social networks intersect. It's important to develop and nurture relationships in as many social networks as makes sense for your brand, whether it's personal or professional. Add the LinkedIn Share button to your Squarespace blog and make it dead simple for your LinkedIn contacts to promote and share your content to their network. I look forward to reading your blog and news content on LinkedIn Today.