Would You Listen to a Squarespace Podcast?

Announcing the upcoming Squarespace podcastEach day, more and more people discover Squarespace's powerful yet simple website publishing platform and decide to host their blog or website with Squarespace. And as the community grows, so does the need for its members to connect and learn in new ways. A podcast is one such way for online communities to connect. Today we explore the idea of a Squarespace podcast by and for Squarespace users and ask for your input on how to make it rock.

There are tens of thousands of Squarespace users according to founder Anthony Casalena during a recent interview on This Week in Startups. Two of those users happen to be designer/developers Alan Houser and Eric Anderson. In addition to having built dozens of Squarespace websites, Alan and Eric also host the always-entertaining Workers of the Web podcast.  

Recently they invited me to start a new Squarespace-centric podcast with them, combining their talent as Squarespace designers with my background in online marketing. Our goal will be to help the Squarespace community to the best of our collective abilities and to have fun along the way.

And on that note, here's where you can help. Spare two minutes of your time and complete the survey below. Tell us what you think of the idea and how we can make it amazing.

Eric, Alan and I look forward to sharing more details with you about the Squarespace podcast in the near future. In the meantime, please take the survey so we can be sure to plan for your preferences.