Letting Go of the Words Book Review

Author: Janice (Ginny) Redish

Letting Go of the Words - An Overview

Letting Go of the WordsOrder Letting Go of the Words on Amazon.com Letting Go of the Words, by Ginny Redish, is an excellent manual for the web copywriter. Learn now to organize and present your website content in a way that is intuitive and easy for your visitors to understand. Ginny maps out the web content writing process from the ground up:

  • Learning the importance of great web content
  • Understanding the needs of your audience in order to create great content
  • Specific strategy and tactics for creating home pages, "info" and "pathway" pages
  • Honing your messages and being succinct
  • Implementing page elements link headers, lists, links, tables and images

Why You'll Probably Like Letting Go of of the Words

Redish describes in detail every element of writing for the web on a tactical level. But she also sprinkles in insights about how peoples interact with the web. The combined effect is an intermediate education in how people use the web and consume content online. Letting Go of the Words is probably one of the best examples of web content writing out there. It reads quickly and then serves as a reference manual once you've been through it once.

Is Letting Go of the Words Really for You?

If you're new to writing web content, I could see how reading Don't Make Me Think might be a better first book. But if you want to be a good judge of user-friendly websites, you'll probably want to make time for Letting Go of the Words. Even if you're not creating web content and only an "on-looker" like a project manager or marketer, reading books like this one will no doubt make you more effective in your position.

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What Did You Think?

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