Choose My New Blog Logo

Big Picture Web new blog logosBrands get new logos all the time. Tastes change. Products mature. Companies gain a stronger sense of who they are and how they can serve their community. For Big Picture Web, it was the latter. After over a year with our current blog logo, today we invite you to help choose the new Big Picture Web logo by taking a short word association test.

It's not that I don't like my current logo. It's exactly what I asked for when I had it designed. It's just that I didn't really know where I wanted to take my blog and my personal brand at time. As a result, I get a lot of feedback that my logo doesn't really represent what I talk about (i.e., blogging, SEO, web analytics, etc.). I'm told it reminds people of tourism. Or maybe agriculture. But never Internet marketing. 

New Blog Rough Logo Concepts

That's where John Stucker comes in. John is one of the founding principles at Pollywog, a naming and branding agency here in the Twin Cities. I've had the chance to work with him on a few projects and really admire his work. It baffles me how someone can take an entire brand and distill it down to a basic graphic, some text and maybe a cool font. I will never have that skill, but John has it in spades.

He's whipped up three different rough blog logo concepts to help bring the Big Picture Web brand to the next level. Keep in mind that "rough logo concepts" means:

  • The color palette hasn't been set. What you see is placeholder and only demonstrates relative contrasts between the final color palette.
  • Several elements may change. John will spend some additional time on a concept to fully develop it once a direction is specified.
  • The final version will be shiny, polished and perfect.

And with that little disclaimer aside, let's reveal our three contenders for the new logo of the Big Picture Web blog.

Blog Logo Concept #1:

Blog logo #1

Blog Logo Concept #2:

Blog logo #2

Blog Logo Concept #3:

Blog logo #3

Take the Word Association Test

At this point, unfortunately John and I are completely biased. We've stared at the logos for so long that we can no longer possibly determine how they're perceived by new visitors. We need to get these logos in front of fresh eyes for fresh perspectives. Maybe you'd help us?

A word association test is a form of usability testing that addresses the branding aspects of your visual design. Users are presented with a list of adjectives and asked to select a particular number that best represent the logos or other visuals being tested.

I've created a brief word association test for the new logo concepts for Big Picture Web. Please take a few minutes to select the top four adjectives that best represent each new logo concept. You may assign an adjective to more than one logo concept. Be sure to hit "Submit" when you're done.

Don't Forget the Qualitative Data

Thanks so much if you decided to fill out the word association test. I'm also looking for any qualitative thoughts you might have. What do you think of what you see a particular logo? Do you like one more than the others? Why? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

The best part of a usability test like this is that the community is involved in the creation of the image of the brand. And for that, thank you very much.