How to Become an SEO - 5 Proven Ideas

How to Become SEODo you want a job in SEO (search engine optimization)? Last Friday, Danny Dover from SEOmoz posted a great Whiteboard Friday episode on how to get an SEO job. Having recently gone through this exact same process (you're looking at a new online marketing manager of SEO at Rasmussen College.), I just had to share my experience of becoming an SEO as well. Here are five tips to become an SEO (or anything else, for that matter):

1. Constantly Consume Content

SEO is fascinating to me. There is vast body of knowledge out there on the topic and yet all the factors can change on a daily basis. Reading books, listening to podcasts and engaging blogs regularly is necessary to stay up-to-date. You can count on your potential future employer to ask about the industry during your interviews. It's best you know about it. Raise your hand in the comments below or hit me on Twitter if you don't already have a list of great SEO blogs, books or podcasts. I have you covered.

2. Do Actual SEO

Unlike, say, an astronaut, there aren't that many barriers to entry when it comes to SEO. If you can afford a domain name and a website (like the Squarespace web publishing platform), you can practice SEO. Starting a blog provides practical SEO experience, as well as a platform to show your growing knowledge and experience in the subject.

3. Get an SEO Education

There are now a handful of Internet marketing degrees available through online colleges. While I've taken some courses online in the past, I'm particularly excited about Rasmussen College's Market Motive-backed Internet Marketing degree. Perhaps I'm a bit biased because I work for them, but who wouldn't love a curriculum filled with content from industry experts like Todd Malicoat, Bryan Eisenberg and Avinash Kaushik?

4. Use LinkedIn to be Found

My new boss found me by typing "project manager SEO" in the LinkedIn search box. True story. Once he pulled up my profile, he saw a detailed description of my experience, links to my blog, my Amazon reading list/book reviews and recommendations from people with whom I've worked in the past. Spend some time to fully flush out your profile. Make online connections with your on- and offline colleagues. And just for good measure, make sure to add keywords and phrases relevant to the job you want in your profile.

5. Dive Right in

Danny hit on the most important tip, which was to dive right in. The earlier your start, the earlier you'll start gaining experience and pave the way to becoming an SEO.

If you're an SEO, what advice do you have to become a part of the search engine optimization community? If you've landed a career in another profession, what steps helped you get there?