Video Entertainment and the 3 Minute Favor

Video EntertainmentBig Picture Web has always tried to be about giving. Each week I put out a post on Internet marketing, blogging, web analytics... you  name it. My hope is always that someone, you, will arrive and be entertained or educated, at the very least find something remotely engaging. That hope is truer than ever this week and I think I have just the trick: entertaining Youtube vidoes! And if you enjoy them, I'd like to ask for 1-5 minutes of your time -- market research critically valuable to me -- in return. (This is a marketing blog, after all.)

So here's the deal. I happen to know this extremely talented videographer/post production genius named Emily. She goes out and gathers HD footage, edits the best parts, adds some effects and then puts everything together with music, a voice-over, or both. Emily's been making these entertaining or informative videos for friends and family recently to build upon her craft and experience. I happen to think the videos are very good. So good, in fact, that I think there's a solid product here.

I suppose I should also mention that Emily accuses me of being biased because I'm her boyfriend. She says I have to tell her that her work is awesome in that how-do-I-look-in-these-jeans kind of way. And so today I'd like to take the opportunity to use my blog post as a true litmus test for her videos' market potential. That's where the 1-5 minutes of your time comes in.

When you're done checking out this blog post, I'd be so grateful if you would do one (or both!) of the following things:

  • Leave a comment in the comments below with your thoughts on Emily's videos as a marketable product. What demographic would be most interested? What would you pay for a video such as the ones below? What potential challenges do you see? Any thought that occurs to you will be really valuable.
  • Tweet about this article or link to it from your Facebook status, encouraging others to lend a hand as well. Although Big Picture Web's readership has been growing, I'll still need your help getting a critical mass of eyeballs on it for feedback.

The best products are a result of tons of market research and a strong dedication to the experience of the customer or end-user. Thanks so much if you decide to help strengthen Emily's product offerring. Here are a few examples of her work:

  • Here's a video of Emily's family vacation out to West Virginia:

  • Here's one she made over the 4th of July up with my family:

Thanks again for your thoughts, tweets updates and tweets!!!!

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