The Importance of Blogging Consistently

Blogging ConsistentlyThis week my normal computer is being repaired. And yet here I am pecking away with my thumbs at my iPhone's Squarespace app - which thankfully is pretty decent - to bring you a quality blog post from Big Picture Web. Why not just take a week off and deviate from my normal content schedule? Today's post takes a look at why blogging consistently is probably a lot more important than you think.

Your blog is your microphone to the world. It's your pulpit. Your stage. It's where you put your brochures aside and engage with your customers in an honest conversation about your brand's promise, what it is you do and how you can help people. You can demonstrate your knowledge, solve people's problems and slap a URL on it for the whole Internet to see. The more visible and apparent your skills, the more likely you'll be to gain the trust and respect of your audience.

If you're not posting, how do I know you're striving to learn and improve your product, service or knowledge? How do I know that you're different? Relevent? Worth the investment? For that matter, how do I even know you're still there?

How do I know you're still an expert if you don't take the time to prove it to me on a regular and ongoing basis? What message are you sending your audience with your blogging consistency?