Blatantly Using My Blog (and Vacation) As Leverage

Using Europe and Blog as LeverageIf you're here, you've probably at least heard of Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, authors of the book Trust Agents. I recently finished reading their vision for building relationships and trust online - it's quite good. Exceptional, actually. And today I'm going to blatantly use my blog and my vacation to Europe as leverage to illustrate one of their points and - more importantly - to help you.

Leverage is simple, according to Brogan and Smith:

You can use the advantage you have in one place to help you in another.

What does this mean? Often you have a skill, asset or tidbit of knowledge that can be used to further your efforts in other areas. In social media, for example, why not share your advantages with your network/blog followers to form and strengthen relationships? Let's take it a step further to clarify.

I'll be in Europe this week. Do you need anything? 

That's right. If you'd like a little souvenir or knick-knack from Europe, let me know. I'm using the Twitter hashtag #bpweurope throughout the trip. Send me a tweet using that tag or leave a comment below before April 17th and you might just get the European treasure you've always wanted (you can also just say hi if you'd like). We're slated to go through parts of France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany although haven't really committed to anything. (Note: For best results, keep it simple. All unfilled orders due to volume, weight, hazmat status or price will result in a shiny key-chain.)

How is this leverage? 

When I get back, I'll be hosting a website/blog/social media strategy and measurement meetup in the Twin Cities area. Door prizes will include your requested souvenir. I'll be taking advantage of my already-scheduled vacation to Europe to increase my meetup attendance through putting a smile on your face.

I'm also leveraging my blog to tell you about my trip, souvenirs and a new meetup.

Leverage is just one of the many key moves of a "Trust Agent." Hopefully today's blog post piqued your interest to the point of wanting to learn more.

What assets do you or your company have that could be used for leverage?