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best online marketing tips(Thank you! Please read our book referral disclaimer)I've been reading a lot lately about the importance of communities and trust in the emerging new era of business and online marketing where "everyone is connected," as author and blogger Mitch Joel puts it.  In his new book Six Pixels of Separation, Joel stresses the importance of utilizing your strengths to help your community. Helping your community will help the word get out about your business, which will ultimately lead to more work and and a larger community.  You can see how such a cycle would be a good thing.

Help the Community and Watch it Grow

Having a budding community of our own, Big Picture Web is always eager to help you with plenty of best-practice, free online marketing tips each week with our blog posts.  We strive to live up to our tagline of "Complex Internet Strategy in Bite-Sized Chunks."

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So here's the deal.  In this post, I'm reaching out to you, my community, to see what help you need with online marketing.  Vote on the poll below to voice your opinion on which online marketing topics I should choose for the road ahead.  I'll make sure to post plenty of best-practice free online marketing tips based on your responses.

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