What Can 2010 Do For Your 2011 Content Strategy?

2011 Content Strategy explainedI set a goal for myself at the beginning of 2010: write at least one helpful online marketing blog post per week, no exceptions. And wouldn't you know, I ended up with over fifty published blog posts on Big Picture Web this year. While not every post was a success, I learned a lot as a result of my prolific 2010 content strategy. I want to share these lessons with you and fuel your 2011 content strategy by sharing the top ten Big Picture Web blog posts of 2010.

Big Picture Web's Top 2010 Blog Posts

  1. Squarespace Vs. Wordpress: Both Sides of the Story - In this blog post, co-author and Wordpress user Andy Brudtkuhl and I compared the two blogging platforms. Lesson: People don't want to be sold on something. They want to compare, contrast and make their own decision.
  2. My Squarespace Review: 3 Pro's and 1 Con - I wrote this blog post two months after moving my website to Squarespace. People often tell me they sign up for Squarespace after reading my review. Lesson: People are likely to make a purchase even after having read a less-than-perfect review because they appreciate the realism that comes with a few flaws.
  3. Squarespace Vs. the World - This blog post covered some industry news from Squarespace competitors. Lesson: Speculation by those close to a product or service can be of great interest to those within the niche and a great addition to any content strategy
  4. The Squarespace Twitter / Facebook Button Tutorial Post - This post came out the week after Squarespace released HTML widgets that enable users to embed Twitter and Facebook buttons within their blog. Lesson: People appreciate tutorials with plenty of screenshots when it comes to new features.
  5. A Blog Measurement Guide: Learn to Track Blog Comments - In this post I demonstrated how to configure Google Analytics to track when readers commented on a blog post. Lesson: Write about the useful things you know and people will read it.
  6. 7 Examples of Good Web Design Layout - This article featured a well-named image: examples-of-good-web-design.png. As a result, I received the most visits to this blog post from users of Google Images. Lesson: Put images in your blog posts and be sure to optimize them for search engines.
  7. Squarespace SEO Secrets You Should Know - I leveraged my role as an online marketing manager in charge of search engine optimization (SEO) to write these types about Squarespace and SEO. Lesson: Something you may think is simple is complicated for those that haven't mastered it. What can you share about your trade or craft? 
  8. Using Google Analytics to Measure Your Contact Form - Web analytics expert and blogger Avinash Kaushik tweeted a link to this blog post after I published it, sending a flood of his Twitter followers my way. Lesson: Influencers in social media are an incredible source of website traffic.
  9. Squarespace Design Resources for Outstanding Blogs or Websites - This post was a simple listing of external web design resources for Squarespacers. Lesson: Curation can be just as successful as creation within your content strategy.
  10. The Complete Google Analytics iPhone App Guide - Being a Google Analytics junkie, I couldn't help by write a full review of all the apps on the iPhone market made especially for Google Analytics. Lesson: People appreciate comprehensive resources that span a niche or topic.

Share Your 2010 Blogging Success

How was your 2010? As a blogger, it can be tempting to crank out blog post after blog post without looking back. But never taking the time to pause an assess your blog's performance can leave important lessons and significant opportunities on the table as you move forward in your content strategy. 

What was your most successful blog post in 2010? Why do you think it was so successful? Big Picture Web readers love each other's insights, small or large. Leave a link to your post and your thoughts in the comments below to help us all use our 2010 successes to better inform our 2011 content strategy.