New Squarespace Site Resources on Our Anniversary

The anniversary of a Squarespace siteToday marks the one year anniversary of Big Picture Web's move to Squarespace as a blogging platform. It seems like just yesterday I was importing my blog posts from my old Drupal site during the free two week trial. And now here I am with a seasoned Squarespace site, fifty-some blog posts, two designs and one year later. To celebrate, today Big Picture Web is rolling out two new Squarespace resources for your site to thank the awesome blogging/website platform for a year of solid service.

Free Internet Marketing Tutorials for Your Squarespace Site

The first new resource for Squarespace sites is a list of Internet marketing Squarespace tutorials. Over the last year, I've written over a half dozen blog posts that cover specific aspects of Internet marketing from the perspective of a Squarespace website owner. Install Google Analytics on your Squarespace site. Learn about Squarespace and SEO. Compare Wordpress vs. Squarespace as you evaluate and select a platform for your web projects. Big Picture Web exists in part to help people build better Squarespace sites. Let these tutorials be your guide to better Internet marketing on Squarespace.

The Complete Guide to Blogging with Squarespace

After many months of researching, writing and editing, Big Picture Web is proud to announce its very first Squarespace Blogs eBook: The Complete Guide to Blogging with Squarespace. Learn both the strategy and tactics for getting a blog up and running on your Squarespace site with over thirty pages full of Squarespace Internet marketing goodness. As a blogger, SEO and Internet marketer, I've really enjoyed using Squarespace for my site over the last year. Download the free eBook and see what it can do for your Squarespace site/blog.Squarespace site blogging guideDownload the Complete Guide to Blogging With Squarespace

Looking Ahead to a Squarespace Future

It's been nearly a year since giving my first review of Squarespace and in that time they've added 301 redirectssocial widgetsHTML snippets and more. In addition, Squarespace founder Anthony Casalena's update on the product roadmap last week demonstrates the company's ability to concentrate their resources on the best opportunities to advance the platform. I'm inspired as both a Squarespace site owner and a marketer.

Keep it up, Squarespace. The new tutorials page and blogging eBook are just my way of saying thanks and paying it forward to the Squarespace community.

What would you like to see in an eBook or tutorial? Much like Squarespace, I value your opinion so I can continue to improve upon the quality of Big Picture Web. Drop me a line, leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter and let me know what you think.