The Secret to Superb Squarespace Designs

Writing of Squarespace Web DesignBig Picture Web has been on Squarespace for nearly a year now and finally invested in a the professional Squarespace design you're seeing today. And while Squarespace makes it easy for anyone to design and create a beautiful website, is there any way to beat professional Squarespace designs? This week we look at the secret behind superb Squarespace designs and roll out a brand new directory of Squarespace design talent.

Why Professional Squarespace Designs?

The Squarespace web publishing platform is known for its simple and powerful editing interface. With their drag-drop-and-adjust design tools, Squarespace makes it possible to create a beautiful website without knowing web design code like CSS and Javascript.

But there's more to great Squarespace designs than just easy editing. Big Picture Web has had three different looks on Squarespace including the the design you see now. The first two were a result of my own inspiration and capabilities. The current look is brand new and the result of the creative and web design skills of professional Squarespace designer, Grant Novey. I think we all can admit that Grant can design circles around me.

Big Picture Web's Non-Professional Squarespace Designs:

Big Picture Web's old Squarespace DesignSquarespace let me a build a pretty nice looking website, don't get me wrong.

Big Picture Web's Professional Squarespace Design by Grant Novey:

Big Picture Web's new Squarespace designGrants Squarespace design for Big Picture Web blows my previous design out of the water.

The Key to Splendid Squarespace Designs

To me, the difference is clear. Although Squarespace makes it easy for anyone to become a web designer, it's a skillset that takes both talent and training to perfect. What I can do pales in comparison to Grant's Squarespace designs. Not only does Grant have a great eye for design, but he also knows CSS and Javascript and can make Squarespace's XHTML structure dance on command.

How can I beat the combination of both talent and technique? I'm a web marketer and SEO, not a designer. I'm glad I stepped aside and let Grant handle the professional Squarespace design of Big Picture Web. The real secret to superb Squarespace designs is to invest in someone with the talent and ability to craft one for you.

Introducing the Squarespace Designer Directory

To help you explore professional Squarespace design options of your own, this week Big Picture Web is rolling out our Squarespace Designer Directory, a resource filled with a great selection of the best professional Squarespace designers on the web. 

Choosing your professional Squarespace designer is an important and personal decision. Budget, style, experience and professionalism are all important qualities that can define the right match. While Grant was the best choice for Big Picture Web, I encourage you to check out the directory and do some research as a part of your search for a professional Squarespace design professional.

Investing in your Squarespace design is an important consideration if you plan to build and market a new website. Big Picture Web is excited to be rolling out the Squarespace Designer Directory to assist in the research and selection of a Squarespace design professional that's right for you. What do you think about the directory? Have you worked with one of the folks listed? Am I missing someone? Leave you thoughts in the comments below.