Blog Affiliate Disclaimer

According to new FTC blog guidelines, bloggers and webmasters must disclose that they are being financially compensated for including certain products or services in their blog posts. This page is Big Picture Web's disclosure page.

Every so often, we'll come across a great book, service or product.  Something really worth talking about.  As a result, we may link to a book on Amazon or recommend Squarespace... things of this nature.  When we do this, we sometimes include affiliate links, which are a form of commission program on the web.  If you buy a product or service as a result of clicking these links, Big Picture Web, LLC will receive a commission on the resulting sale.  We'll take it as a small compliment.  We'll only link to products we've personally experienced and would never link to a lemon.

It also must be noted that Big Picture Web receives this Squarespace account free-of-charge from Squarespace as a friend of the company.