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(Reasons 56 - 27 to Build a Squarespace Website or Blog)

You've already seen Squarespace website tools and design templates. But what about the company itself? Squarespace.com(affiliate link) isn't some fly-by-night software company. They've been around since 2004 and have been profitable since day 1. They know excellent web publishing and offer it to you for an affordable price. Read on to see why you can trust Squarespace to be your web platform.

The Squarespace Business Model

56. No Freeloaders Means Better Tools. The Squarespace team strives to create the most exceptional web publishing tool available and they know excellence comes from focus. No free versions allows Squarespace to focus their efforts on their valued customers.

55. A Culture Dedicated to Perfection. The mission of Squarespace has always been the same. CEO & FounderAnthony Casalenastarted Squarespace in 2004 with the goal of creating the best web publishing tool available.

54. A Company with Proven Performance... Squarepace's numbers are proof of its soaring appeal. With a 713% 3-year growth rate, it's no wonder Squarespace made Inc.'s Top 500 companies of 2010.

53. ...is Poised for an Even Brighter Future. Index Ventures and Accel Partners invested $38.5 million in 2010. Surely this can only mean incredible advances in web publishing from an already oustanding company.

52. Attracting New Customers by the Scores. Each day more and more people sign up for Squarespace. Wordpress, Typepad, Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous, Drupal and Joomla users that find Squarespace are typically pleasantly suprised with what they see.

51. A Team of Talented Professionals. Squarespace is comprised of a few dozen handfuls of highly talented team members who all share Casalena's passion for excellent design. People like Creative Director Tyler Thompson and Senior DesignerKrystyn Heide explain the excellence of Squarespace.

50. A Great Idea from the Beginning. Squarespace has been profitable since day one back in 2004. Since then the company has experienced metoric growth as evidenced by Inc.'s Top 500 list placement.

49. Squarespace's Proven History. Did I mention Squarespace has been around since 2004? Unlike some fly-by-night blogging platforms, Squarespace has a proven track record and isn't going anywhere.

48. Squarespace is Hiring (and Hiring). Despite a slow economy, Squarespace continues to expand and hire more staff. With 28 employees in 2010, Squarespace's job board surely foreshadows a company roster with much higher numbers in the near future.

47. Beautiful New Facilities to Match the Growth. Squarespace employees have to be among the most relaxed and motivated workforces out there considering their awesome facilities. They moved to their new space in 2010, which includes catered lunches and in-house yoga and video gaming facilities.

46. Squarespace is an Awesome Story of Passion and Hard Work. Starting with nothing more than a loan from his father, founder Anthony Casalena has built Squarespace into a $5+ million per year company. That doesn't happen by accident. 

The Business End of Squarespace

45. Squarespace is Rock-Solid. Squarespace's highly redundant hosting and power supply make your website incredibly reiable. In fact, Squarespace websites boast a 99.98%  uptime thanks to their Peer1 Networks infrastructure.

44. Use Squarespace to Generate New Leads. Squarespace's simple form builder allows you to quickly build secure forms onto your website to collect information from customers and new business prospects alike.

43. Multiple Squarespace Web Analytics Options. Squarespace provides several options in the area of web analytics. You can use their onboard analytics dashboard for high-level insights or install a full service web analytics tool like Google Analytics.

42. Provide Layered Access to Squarespace Sites. Create roles, rights and permissions for Squarespace sites and create multiple editors for your site. Provide content editors and guest bloggers only the access they need with Squarespace's member permissions tools.

41. Safe and Sound with Squarespace. Squarespace's hosting and website tools are designed to be secure and free from malicious attacks and spam.

40. Use any Number of Online Measurement Tools. Not only does Squarespace integrate with Google Analytics, but you can also install any number of addition web analytics tools such as ClickyClicktale4QKissInsights and Quantcast.

39. Encourage Engagement with Forums. One of Squarespace's many page types includes a simple, yet effective forum. Build a venue for conversation on your website by creating a helpful forum. Squarespace even provides options for moderating and nurturing your community.

Squarespace's Premium Hosting

38. The Benefit of Squarespace Hosting. Squarespace's premium hosting provides as much bandwidth as your visitors need. Your website is powered by Squarespace's powerful web servers can handle any massive spikes in traffic without bringing your website to its knees. This type of hosting elsewhere is not cheap.

37. Squarespace's Reliability is Nearly Perfect. Your website will be up and running, day and night without fail, save for the occasional and smallest of hiccups. Squarespace boasts a impressive uptime of 99.98%. On the Internet, your business is closed when your website is down.

36. The Power of Squarespace Hosting. Thousands of Squarespace websites run off of the Peer1 Networks web servers that power Squarespace. The biggest of spikes in traffic to your website will pale in comparison to the amount of traffic seen on Squarespace's web servers in a given day. 

35. Under Constant Watch. Squarespace's team is monitoring all Squarespace websites with hundreds of performance measured checked every twenty seconds. Coverage is round-the-clock.

34. Nothing to Download or Install.  You don't need to download or install anything onto a server of your own. Squarespace is a fully-hosted software as a service (SaaS). Of course, your website, your domain name and content belong to you. Squarespace provides the tools and space for your site.

33. The Redudancy of the Cloud of the Cloud. Your website is safe with Squarespace. Being hosted on Squarespace's cloud web servers means your content is backed up on redundant networks.

32. Implement Google Analytics on Squarespace with EaseInstall Google Analytics on your Squarespace website in less than five minutes. See which pages are getting views on your site and understand when and why your online marketing efforts are producing results.

World-Class Customer Support

31. Extensive Squarespace Product Support. Squarespace works constantly to update its manual and help section with answers to common questions and walk-throughs of basic Squarespace website tips.

30. An Innovative Email Ticketing System. Squarespace's customer service runs based on tickets you submit directly from within your website editing interface. Submit an issue. Get a response. Get on with your day.

29. Blazing Fast Support from Squarespace. You might think an email system is inconvenient. Not this one. Tickets are generally resolved within thirty minutes. I've often had my tickets resovled within minutes. The Squarespace staff is basically waiting to be of service if you need help.

28. Support You Can't get on Wordpress. Squarespace's support staff can help you with just about anything related to your website. If you're stumped, they'll put you on the right path. If you've hit a wall, they'll put you back on track. You just can't get this type of support on open source web publishing systems.

27. Advanced Guides Available on Squarespace. Squarespace provides advanced support in the form of their Developerand Code site. There are even numerous Squarespace design resources out there.

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